Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Day 40

Ok now, this may be a bit late for posting, but the other day, near the bury of the pop king, We came across this pair of MJ's dancing, in teh dark, with no music, but making the traffic stop by to play the songs in their cars for them, so we had a chance to stage a quick picture, and well you know what they say: "You don't always have a pair of MJ's at hand willing to have their picture taken"

Day 39

What can i say, I'm impressed by the perspective. Felt attracted to snap that picture.

Day 38

So, keeping up with that spirit, the last one from the series. I never used those… what could be the name ? pliers? twits? tweezers ? probably that one. Anyways i really like their particularities.

Day 37

Sorry, to much of the same, taken the same day. But well you know what they say: "just around you, there's a million pictures to be taken".

Day 36

That's the get high point. ladder on the other side.

Day 35

And an interesting rooftop. What woud you store in there? What would you classify.

Day 34

In my new apartment I may not have a really nice view (right in the middle of the city) but i can get quite high.

Day 33

Love how this picture came out, low sun on the horizon, warm colors, like the composition here.

Day 32

One of my favorite places on earth, and i don't I have enough pictures from there.

Day 31

Some flowers, and strobelighting. sb-800 bare, coming from the left. Bounce with a reflective cardboard from right.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Day 30

Coming right to me, couldn't resist to take his picture while pretending to look some wehere else.

Day 29

So keeping on with that stuff, we may call this pictures, the tapalpa series. This time, roast corn.

Day 28

I know, that this looks, like, promotional material, of mexican stuff, but you have to accept is quite cool.

Day 27

A church in Tapalpa, Jalisco México. Real nice made out of red bricks.

Day 26

A backlit leaf, makes for a cool wallpaper, maybe.

Day 25

Some more abstract.

Day 24

Back to abstractions. Try to figure it out.

Day 23

One more of those…

Day 22

Now back to the country themes.

Day 21

Keeping on with the clouds, can't help it, this one is that good. A wing maybe. Looks like a wing to me.

Day 20

I enjoy this one, it has the mood of the country, but, in a cowboyish(is this a word?) sort of way.

Day 19

Da cowboys.

Day 18

Last for today, another fisheye, picture. Enjoy

Day 17

And back to the rooftops, this is the view from my almost new apartment. It has this weird cubicles on it, almost made for a 180 degree view.

Day 16

As you can see, I enjoy taking useless pictures of useless things. Well actually this, has a layer of water on top, good for Dengue population.

Day 15

Call it, desvarius fotograficus, nice shooting at night. Camera on tripod, random flashes over the threes on this 30 sec. exposure.

Day 14

Talking about rooftops, this is the view from an unfinished penthouse, nice to see it at this stage.

Day 13

Some abstract, mexicans rooftops, are like anything else. A million photos per roof.

Day 12

The black Sheep is called i guess, narrow, underground, some good beers.