Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Day 85

Here goes my BestCamera-iPhone first picture. Also picture 85 of my photo a day project.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Day 84

I have a friend that states that b&w photography is made to take pictures of children, specially in hard situations, i felt it to be quite a mean thing to say, but honoring that, let's make this one a b&w.

Day 83

A lonely tree lit by a street lamp.

Day 82

I like this kind of signs, really much, specially when old and fade, funny i didn't thought of it for the project before.

Day 81

A tourist like picture, funny things, taken a year ago, in the previous independence celebration.

Day 80

I enjoy this kind of pictures, it recalls the action of discovery, like finding a precious object buried long time ago and now rise to the surface by the elements.

Day 79

Does anyone know, why the fish eye lens, get's some color effects as if it had a polarizer on?

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Day 78

Does anyone know, why the fish eye lens, get's some color effects as if it had a polarizer on?

Day 77

Probably the best photo from that day. I was just getting the how-to but we had to go.

Day 76

I've been since the day of this photo, wondering, how did he lose his eye?

Day 75

What a fun thing to be in a Jaripeo, especially if is in the heart of a country side town.

Day 74

Looks like coming from a fish eye, but it's just the tree, that was taking a lean.

Day 73

Walking around the other day, found a group, playing in the street, funny, jazzy music. perfect for B&W.

Day 72

Working some portraits in natural light on a white background, this one came out. She's my girlfriend Pris.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Day 71

The other day walking around found a colony of this ones, right in the sidewalk, while the photo was interested as it was i added some falsh to lower ambient light.

Day 70

They say that the numbers keep going up, faster than in the middle of the emergency, the truth is Idon't see or know anyone yet that has(d) it.

Day 69

It kind of pissed me off, the state of histeria, that floated over the air.

Day 68

Keeping up with that, almost there.

Day 67

Influenza A-h1n1

Day 66

ok, getting up with the lost days, here comes the rest of the flu series.

Day 65

I know this may become a bit late, but better shared than saved away.

Day 64

Ok this will be the first of the swine flu madness, they were done within the first couple of days of the hysteria

Day 63

Aprovechando los reflejos del temporal de lluvias, limitado a la chafita cámara del fon, pero bueno el chiste es no dejar ir la foto que es lo que importa.

Taking advantage of the reflections in the rain season, limited to the pity camera phone, anyway the point is to not let the picture go.

Day 62


Day 61

A little joke, for the spanish, finally a certified school in Mexico. (no offense) ETA is the name of the separatist group on país vasco.

Day 60

My friend Quentin, on a special day for him, his first important photo shoot, he was a bit nervous, we got rain, but at the end, everything came out, ok.

Day 59

Little towns, they're just lovely.

Day 58

Was a bit drunk, as well as in the next one, but, you know, it seems that you may pay a bit some more attention.

Day 57

On of my favorites, surreal picture lately. It reads: "Recently killed chicken, the best for your family"

Day 56

Gold fish. Aren't they, kind of surreal?

Day 55

Upside down, or is it up?

Day 54

An old man, having breakfast at a local, traditional market.

Day 53

Sleeping monster. That bright spot under the mechanical arm of the truck (however those things may be called) it's the moon.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Day 52

Lay down the weapons!! This was during the rebirth of Chapultepec Avenue in Guadalajara.

Day 51

Action Script eater. Sorry for the gick post.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Day 50

My cat trespeleque, having coffee with Miguel Bose

Day 49

Groovy things, to shoot pictures with the phone, shitty phone, shitty camera, but sometimes good things come trough. Butterfly to me.

Day 48

My roommate giving a concert with a coat rack on the shape of a guitar.

Day 47

I don't know you, but this is very inspiring to me.

Day 46

Chatting pigeons. Just too cute, like for not take their picture.

Day 45

Sky reflected and divided by a window.

Day 44

More sky and lighting posts.

Day 43

Well haven't post any moon pictures before. Quite a task, need to try it again with proper gear.

Day 42

This is one of the sign in the parking lot, framing that unfinished building, plus the letter of my name, didn't notice it until today.

Day 41

I liked the pattern, the lines in this parking lot, it looks like a race course for wheelchairs(no offense).
Special day today, the 41. In case you don't know there's and old anecdote from old México, about an special Party that got cancelled for being really loud. Whata surprise for the police, when the check on the people that got arrested it turns out, that what looked like a normal party with couples dancing, all of them were actually men. Since then this number is associated with gay people or being gay. (no offense)