Friday, 26 March 2010

Pic 135- Few Things better than Triple acces

I can-t lie saying that it didin't feel good having that sort of access. It allowed me loads of fun as well, as some evil looks.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Pic 134- A link to another blogpost

These are some pictures of today's sunday breakfast, read the whole story at

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Pic 133- Proper Spresso in a proper coffee maker.

One motivation to get up early is to have a couple minutes to enjoy a
fresh shot of spresso in the morning, the bad side of it, is that
while I get inspired by the coffee, this inspiration goes in several
directions but wanting to go working in the corporate side of live.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Pic 132- Little rider

On our way back from Puerto Vallarta, we decided to take the long road back, in a non toll road, nice trip, you go through the mountains, then i suggested to my friend "Tigre Toño" that we should have a break and eat some food, couldn't help myself when i saw this guys at the table, 3 guys on their 30's and an 11 years old called kevin, what got my attention? the were riding dirt bikes and took a brake before their 8 hours or so to go back home. I Can't imagine how exciting this could be as an eleven years old. I asked the little man how long have been him riding and he said simply since they bought me the bike.

Some more pictures of Kevin and the trip.

In case you didn't notice this one's Toño

Some of the landscape.

Pic 131- I'm back

Long time since the last picture in this blog, in case you're not aware of this this year is tarted a new blog with my roomie, and as well a new project, is called "Not just about hair- A photo a day" it's kind of the same project as this is, the difference you may ask? in the new one the picture have to be taken and uploaded the same day (you've probably noticed, I've been flexible with this blog), this has led to a kind of ongoing match, that encourage to push yourself harder, unless you want to loose the battle, some days are better than others as in any photo a day project. What is interesting, is that some days i have a clear winner to upload to the blog, but some others is hard to choose what to upload, and the light shined on me and i realize that i could use this more relaxed blog to upload those pictures that otherwise wouldn't see the light, this doesn't mean the quality of the pictures in this blog (one day-one photo) will be lower, as sometimes the choice for the other blog could be influenced by many different reasons than quality.

So stop the crap and i resume the blog with this picture(above) of my friend jöy in the street.

Thanks for reading, keep an eye on this,click the picture for bigger view, and don't forget to leave a comment behind.