Friday, 3 July 2009

Day 1

Finally the day had to come, i have actually been taking the pictures, but not uploading them, but well, the blog will be one day after twitter, here it goes.

I bought a Coolpix P5000 last year with the intention of have it with me at all times and not miss pictures, but, turn out to be a bit slow, only complain is autofocus, it can't go manual, with snap and shot cameras i like to have fixed focus for faster picture taking. Ended up selling it, but a few pictures from that camera stay with me.

By the time of this picture I had recently assist to a conference by James Victore, truly inspirational i can say, a real Artist, his art school asked him to make a poster design for promotion, same school that kicked him out years before. That motivate me go vandalistic and drawing in that glass with a sharpie.

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