Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Pic 132- Little rider

On our way back from Puerto Vallarta, we decided to take the long road back, in a non toll road, nice trip, you go through the mountains, then i suggested to my friend "Tigre Toño" that we should have a break and eat some food, couldn't help myself when i saw this guys at the table, 3 guys on their 30's and an 11 years old called kevin, what got my attention? the were riding dirt bikes and took a brake before their 8 hours or so to go back home. I Can't imagine how exciting this could be as an eleven years old. I asked the little man how long have been him riding and he said simply since they bought me the bike.

Some more pictures of Kevin and the trip.

In case you didn't notice this one's Toño

Some of the landscape.

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